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We Never Stop
Forage Genetics is the world leader in value-added alfalfa genetics. Our breeding expertise, combined with our proprietary germplasm base allows us to develop unique seed varieties for diverse growing conditions. And we make our products available through the most effective supply-chain management system in the alfalfa seed industry.

Our passion runs deep and draws on 50 years of progress and technological advancement. We are stewards of the alfalfa industry, leading the charge to create the best possible alfalfa for every grower. And we take this responsibility seriously. If there’s a better way to boost quality and performance, we’ll find it. We never stop.

We strive for products that deliver the highest quality forage with the least impact on the land and environment. Through industry collaboration in trait education and genetic advancement, we’re ensuring the sustainability of our industry and the quality of our product.

We’re proof that passion, driven by long-term commitment, leads to a better product for our seed company partners and, in turn, for growers. After all, we have not only created the foundation for forage genetics — we are its future.