Our Technologies

Our Technologies

The HarvXtra® Alfalfa trait is the most advanced alfalfa trait on the market and the first genetically engineered alfalfa trait developed to maximize quality by reducing the amount of lignin in the plant. HarvXtra® Alfalfa also includes the Roundup Ready® Alfalfa trait. Growers can choose to:

  • Maintain a normal harvest schedule and achieve higher quality or
  • Delay harvest 7 days for higher yield potential without sacrificing quality

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Our Technologies

The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa trait delivers unsurpassed weed control during the establishment phase, giving growers the opportunity for:

  • Excellent crop safety
  • Increased high-quality yield opportunity
  • Easier crop management
  • Higher percentage of pure alfalfa in hay

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Use this calculator to discover what the HarvXtra® Alfalfa trait can do for your operation.


Continued Advancements in Conventional Alfalfa

Nematode-resistant alfalfa protects yield and stand life, especially for growers in the western United States and the Central Plains, where pressure is high. Many of our alfalfa varieties now carry a unique resistance package to a wide nematode complex, based on:
  • 20 years of research
  • Extremely challenging testing environments
  • Rigorous screening and evaluation
Salt-tolerant alfalfa reduces plant stress and increases crop production for growers who face the twin problems of high soil salinity and low rainfall. We are developing new varieties set apart by:
  • Tolerance to multiple stresses common in saline soils
  • Our unique multi-step breeding methods


Product Stewardship


FGI became members of Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) on May 2, 2016. Excellence Through Stewardship is a global industry-coordinated organization that promotes the universal adoption of stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of biotech plant products.  Stewardship is defined as the responsible management of a product from its inception through its use and ultimate discontinuation.  ETS is an independent non-profit organization that promotes the stewardship of biotechnology-derived plant products.  

Quality is Critical to Your Success

Our Quality Policy:
Forage Genetics is the global leader in value‐added alfalfa. We are stewards of the alfalfa industry, leading the charge to create the best possible alfalfa for every grower. We strive for products that deliver the highest quality alfalfa with the least impact on the land and environment. 
Our team brings innovative approaches and technologies to the alfalfa and forage sorghum industry. Data integrity is an organizational core value that aligns and supports our product performance, and ultimate value to the grower. Through industry collaboration in trait education and genetic advancement, we’re ensuring the sustainability of our industry and the quality of our product.
We strive to exceed customer expectations and uphold regulatory, APHIS‐USDA, ETS and industry guidelines. FGI is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system.