Delivering Industry-Changing Trait Technologies

We produce alfalfa trait technologies that deliver top-notch results for growers, including:
  • The HarvXtra® Alfalfa trait, the most advanced reduced-lignin alfalfa trait on the market
  • The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa trait for unsurpassed weed control with excellent crop safety

Creating Unique Solutions Through Advanced Breeding

We bring highly innovative alfalfa products to market by:
  • Combining our conventional alfalfa breeding expertise with advanced biotechnology
  • Collaborating with technology leaders
  • Working with the industry's top seed growers
  • Working with the leading industry-quality management support

Pursuing Genetic Discoveries

We are always searching for ways to make the forage plant better. We're building on our strong history of leading the industry with discoveries like these:
  • Pursued and patented protection against potato leafhopper (PLH) by combining greater than 70 percent PLH resistance with excellent agronomic performance
  • Integrated and patented high resistance to both Race 1, 2 and 3 aphanomyces root rot into elite performing, proprietary germplasm
  • Developed salt-tolerant alfalfa to reduce plant stress
  • Developed nematode-resistant alfalfa to protect yield and stand quality

Research and Locations

Our focus has always been on pioneering research and innovation, with plant breeding, biotechnology, yield trials, selection nurseries, and production facilities around the United States, including in Garden City, KS; Nampa, ID; West Salem, WI; and Mt. Joy, PA. FGI also partners with universities throughout the country and abroad to discover the latest in alfalfa potential.


Our strong partnerships with technology companies, universities and research foundations foster relationships that deliver innovative solutions for improving forages. FGI experts are also actively engaged in the forage industry, which helps us focus our research and solutions in the right areas to help growers advance.

Top Research Universities
FGI works with universities around the country to develop critical third-party trials for new and existing technologies.

Samuel Roberts Nobel Foundation
As the largest nonprofit independent plant science and agricultural research organization in the United States, the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation is dedicated to researching and improving forage. 

Industry Extension Forage Advisory Council
As a longtime member of the Industry Extension Forage Advisory Council, FGI meets regularly with farmers, extension staff and seed companies to exchange current information.