• Nov 09, 2020

Forage Genetics International and Land O’Lakes Venture37 Join with Corteva Agriscience to Create Alliance in Kenya to Address Persistent Dairy Shortages Through Improved Livestock Nutrition

Forage Genetics International
The alliance will aid the livelihoods of women smallholder farmers by providing education and resources for sustainable agriculture
Arden Hills, Minn., – November 10, 2020 – Forage Genetics International (FGI) recently joined with Land O’Lakes Venture37, Corteva Agriscience, Bidco Land O’Lakes, and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in the Nourishing Prosperity Alliance that aims to strengthen dairy production in central Kenya. The project will help advance the sustainable farming practices of more than 5,000 women smallholder dairy farmers and ease the annual 2.2 billion-liter shortage1 of dairy products in the country.
This group of private sector, non-profit, and research organizations will engage in a two-year program designed to increase the supply of nutritional dairy products available to local communities and guide women smallholder farmers in methods that bolster nutrient-rich forages (corn silage and hay) production - providing reliable feed for dairy cattle, improving milk production, and reducing the production cost of those dairy products.
FGI’s participation in the alliance highlights its leadership in the forage industry and is an example of the business’ recent renewed investment into new technologies, dairies and global brand building, while remaining committed to being an R&D and innovation leader.
“We’re excited to play a part in advancing the dairy industry in Kenya and helping make an impact on the lives of these women who are leading this effort while feeding their neighbors,” said Pete Theisen, General Manager FGI. “This project is directly in line with FGI’s commitment to advancing the forage industry and supporting dairy farmers.”
In addition to FGI’s forage leadership, the alliance combines Corteva’s leadership in agricultural inputs and support of smallholder farmers with ILRI’s locally-based, world-renowned forage R&D capabilities and livestock management practices. Land O’Lakes Venture37 will contribute its extensive experience adapting advanced technologies and techniques to the smallholder farmer level and facilitating last-mile delivery of key inputs. Bidco Land O’Lakes, a Kenya-based feed manufacturer, works closely with these collaborators to offer compound feed that complements effective forages.  
“This alliance, through its advancement of animal nutrition in Kenya’s dairy sector, is simultaneously advancing human nutrition and human success – a shining example of Land O’Lakes’ guiding purpose: feeding human progress,” said John Ellenberger, Executive Director of Land O’Lakes Venture37. “Through its combination of private sector investment, local expertise, applied data and technologies, and last mile delivery, this alliance is helping to make markets work more effectively for lower-resource populations. Strategic alliances like these are a foundational element of our current work and future ambitions.”
1Kenya Dairy Board - https://www.kdb.go.ke/
About Forage Genetics International
For more than 25 years, Forage Genetics International (www.foragegenetics.com) has led the forage industry with innovative genetic discoveries, variety developments and cutting-edge product introductions. Our relentless drive for improved forage production is behind our unprecedented advancements. As the industry’s leading provider of forage solutions, we breed, develop and produce premier alfalfa seed. Our highly experienced staff delivers packaging, distribution and training services to complement our premium product offerings — all customized to meet the varied needs of our customers. 
About Corteva Agriscience
Corteva Agriscience is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that provides farmers around the world with the most complete portfolio in the industry - including a balanced and diverse mix of seed, crop protection and digital solutions focused on maximizing productivity to enhance yield and profitability. With some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and an industry-leading product and technology pipeline well positioned to drive growth, the company is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the food system as it fulfills its promise to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. Corteva Agriscience became an independent public company on June 1, 2019 and was previously the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. More information can be found at www.corteva.com.
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About Land O’Lakes Venture37
Venture37 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping communities around the world build economies by strengthening local agriculture, helping agribusinesses create jobs and linking farmers to markets. Since 1981, it has implemented over 315 integrated dairy, livestock and crop development programs in nearly 80 countries. Land O’Lakes Venture37’s long-standing affiliation with Land O’Lakes, Inc.—one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, with nearly 100 years of expertise in dairy, animal nutrition, crop inputs and agricultural insights and technologies—sets it apart. Land O’Lakes, Inc. supports Venture37 projects as part of its enterprise purpose of ‘Feeding Human Progress’ at home and around the world. www.landolakesventure37.org

About Bidco Land O’Lakes
Bidco Land O’Lakes is an animal feed processing plant based in Nakuru, Kenya. Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives and a leader in global animal nutrition, and Bidco Africa, one of East Africa’s leading consumer product companies, have invested an estimated USD 12 million into the plant. The animal feed business aims to produce over 28 metric tons per hour of animal nutrition products. The fully automated plant helps to ensure quality and accuracy in production and reduce the chance of human error. The world-class capabilities offer Kenyan farmers products designed to help them deliver on quality and performance. www.landolakesinc.com

About ILRI
The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is a non-profit institution helping people in low- and middle-income countries to improve their lives, livelihoods and lands through the animals that remain the backbone of small-scale agriculture and enterprise across the developing world. Specifically, ILRI works with partners to improve food and nutritional security and to reduce poverty and environmental degradation in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock. Employing more than 600 people, including scientists from more than 40 countries, ILRI is a CGIAR research centre co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia and with 14 other offices across Africa and Asia. https://www.ilri.org/
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