• Dec 15, 2021

Foragecast Episode 10 - Herbicide Carryover in Alfalfa Part 1

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Foragecast Episode 10 - Herbicide Carryover in Alfalfa, Part 1
Host: Emily Meccage

This week Dr. Emily Meccage joins Randy Welch, alfalfa agronomist to discuss herbicide carryover.

In this episode, they share tips and watch outs so you can raise better alfalfa in the future.

Did you know, herbicide carryover is commonly confused with disease?

Tip: One way to help identify herbicide carryover vs disease is to look for patterns. Are there patterns where a sprayer may have overlapped? That could be carryover
A spotty type of pattern may mean disease.

To get more tips join us on this week's episode.

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