• Jul 15, 2021

Foragecast Episode 5 featuring Dr. Earl Creech

Forage Genetics International
Welcome to Foragecast, a podcast from Forage Genetics. Each month we take a deep dive into alfalfa topics and address real, on-farm issues that revolve around alfalfa’s integration into cropping systems.
Episode 5 featuring Dr. Earl Creech
Host: Emily Meccage

On this episode of Foragecast we discuss the article, "Ten Reasons Why Alfalfa is Highly Suitable for the West" with Dr. Earl Creech. In the conversation, we talk about how alfalfa has the ability to survive an incredible range of environmental conditions, elevations and can adapt based on how much moisture it has available. Click here to listen.

Ten Reasons why alfalfa is highly suitable for the West:

  • High Water Use Efficiency 
  • Irrigation Flexibility 
  • Low Input
  • Resilient and adaptable
  • Benefits other crops in rotation
  •  Improves Soil, Water, and Air Quality 
  •  Pollinator and Insect Diversity 
  •  Wildlife Habitat 
  •  Harvest Flexibility and Storage
  •  Low Risk and Local Food Production