• Sep 20, 2021

Foragecast Episode 7 featuring Dr. David Weakley

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Welcome to Foragecast, a podcast from Forage Genetics. Each month we take a deep dive into alfalfa topics and address real, on-farm issues that revolve around alfalfa’s integration into cropping systems.

Foragecast Episode 7 featuring Dr. David Weakley
Host: Emily Meccage

Dr. David Weakley, Director of Forage Nutrition Research, joins this week to discuss how to best evaluate the nutritional impacts of alfalfa for livestock diets.

Want to better understand the importance of high-quality forage testing?
- RF, TDN RFQ, ADF, NDF, UNDF - we got you. We help sort through these and recommend what to focus on and why.

  • Alfalfa has the highest protein containing forage for dairy and beef cattle
  • Alfalfa allows high-producing dairy cows to meet their genetic potential more quickly
  • Alfalfa makes the animal more efficient in producing milk components

Join us as we take away some of the mystery around the high-quality forage analysis!

Evaluating Alfalfa Stands
Article • Agronomic Information

Evaluating Alfalfa Stands